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without the hefty pricetag


Why Spot was started

Pet medications

I absolutely love being a vet (wanted to be one since I was 8), and the past two decades have shown me many wonderful changes in this profession. 

One such change, however, get’s a big thumb’s down. And that’s the skyrocketing costs of caring for a pet and the impact it's having on families.


Affordable care is a more than a recent buzzword in today's vet med landscape. It’s the safety net that keeps pets healthy and in homes. It means ensuring that basic, fundamental well-being doesn't hinge on a price tag. 

Best ideas happen in the shower

As I was getting ready to leave my corporate medicine job in November of 2023, I began brainstorming on how I could help, even if just in my own little corner of the world.


It's true, the best ideas happen in the shower. And that’s where the idea of Spot came to be.


In thinking through solutions to the problem, I asked myself, “If I could just strip away all the costs and expenses of a clinic, and limited care to basic fundamentals, could I then reduce the overall cost of doing business and pass that along to families?”

The answer was yes, yes I could

Low-cost vet care
Spot Vet Community

Reducing financial barriers was just one part of the equation. I also wanted fun and community to be at our core; an ethos and a philosophy.

That's when I thought, “how cool would it be to offer care at a winery instead of a hospital?” (now that’s my kind of waiting room!)


And the idea of our pet pop-up was born; where local business and community spaces would become not just a platform for medicine, but for shared stories, education, and connection.

In 2024, Spot Vet came to be. It's my heart's work and our mission is a simple one: to make vet care more affordable and fun for California pets and to build community around our shared love of them.


Fun facts

Shea Cox, DVM

  • School: Michigan State University, 2001

  • Best way to start the day: Drinking coffee with Jeff (my bird) while watching the sun rise

  • Loves: Food and wine, bees, painting, ceramics

  • What I love most about Temecula: Living in a city that still feels like a small-town community; the beautiful weather and scenery; the wine!! :)

  • Favorite quote: "Leap and the net will appear"

  • Advanced training: Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner, Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian, Certified Pet Loss Professional

Shea Cox

Scott Cox, DVM

  • School: Michigan State University, 2000

  • Best way to start the day: Drinking coffee while reading cycling and training blogs

  • Loves: Cycling, training, golf, food and wine

  • What I love most about Temecula: Being part of a community

  • Favorite quote: "Be more concerned with what you can do for others than what others can do for you. You'll be surprised at the results"

Scott Cox


Seamless User Experience

We've developed an app so that each robot can deliver goods in residential areas safely and make autonomous decision based on real-time information.

Affordability. Fun. Community.

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