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Affordable pet care

Making vet care more affordable and fun for California pets

Save on vet costs when you use Spot.


Vet care is expensive.

Here's how we're changing that.

Spot takes an innovative approach to vet care: We focus exclusively on offering pet meds and basic care with both a virtual and community-based pop-up approach. Because we don’t have the high overhead costs associated with a conventional vet hospital, we are able to pass big savings on to you. 


By choosing Spot for affordable meds and low-cost basic care, you can extend your pet care budget further, ensuring that maintaining your pet’s health becomes more economical and accessible than ever.

Affordable pet care


While we don't replace the care your vet provides, we do offer the following services

Affordable pet meds

Whether your pet needs a new mediation or a refill on an existing one, Spot can help.


From flea and tick to condition-specific medications, Spot can prescribe, refill and deliver directly to your door, all at a price "cheaper than Chewy." 


And did you know? The virtual exam fee is applied to your medication purchase, so it's no-cost :)

Cheap pet medications
Low cost vaccines

Low-cost vaccines

Pop-up "add-ons"

Our "Vet on the Spot" pet pop-ups are in-person events where our vets deliver low-cost vaccines at fun places throughout our community.  

During our vaccine clinic pop-ups, we are also able to provide other injections that (until now) could only be given in a vet's office, such as Cytopoint for allergies and Solensia/Librela for arthritis pain management, at a huge savings.

The vet exam fee is waived at our pop-ups. See our calendar of events (coming soon) for what's up next!

Minor medical issues

Medical triage

Our vets can video conference with you and your pet to help diagnose, create a treatment plan, and dispense medications for minor issues such as an ear infection, stomach upset or arthritis. 

If care is beyond what we can provide, we can still medically triage your pet and recommend the next steps and best course of action to take.

Low cost pet care
Pet Euthanasia near me

Gentle goodbyes

In-home euthanasia

We are able to provide in-home euthanasia for pets in Temecula and Murrieta.


Our transparent and easy pricing makes this difficult time a little easier. Every pet receives gentle sedation and we care for every detail, no matter how small, so your only focus is being with your pet.


Spot makes it easy to save

Simply schedule a virtual exam or join us in-person at one of our pet pop-ups. You'll meet with one of our vets who will get to know you and your pet, and before you know it, you'll be saving big time.


Real-life savings


Saving Sofi's family $30/mo on heart medications


Saved Ranger's family $124 on heartworm and vaccines


Saving Molly's family $100/mo on allergy injections


Saved Jack's family $130 on his Gabapentin refill

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